As we aim to provide you with financial guidance in the best way possible. Which is why this time, we have complied FUN + KNOWLEDGE together.

These competitions/quizzes will help you to engage more in finance, and to learn new things along the way. It is also a wonderful way to test your knowledge in the field of finance. Not only this, but we have also stored some special gifts and surprises for the winners.

So, let the fun way of gaining financial knowledge begin!!!
Quiz & Competitions
by FinnovationZ


Winners of Homemade researcher

Shubham Horambe

It is rare to find such 'research contests' and I believe it is a great initiative on your part in organizing such contests and quizzes.

Ravi Kishan

Nirav Panchal

I am very thankful to whole team and specially Prasad sir for teaching me in stock market and wonderful course that he designed.

Winners of past quizzes